Advanced Materials Model Integration for CAE Applications

The project AMMICAL was finished with success in October 2021. Substantial results were achieved, which are oriented towards the practical requirements of the participating SMEs in DE and CZ. These are now in the process of been industrialized, i.e. implemented into the software EDA.

Objective of this German-Czech joint project is the horizontal and vertical integration of material data in the Industry 4.0 value chains as well as the derivation of a generic material model for process and system simulation.

A functional prototype will be created to support the data collection, data compression, data analysis, modeling and model distribution along the entire process chain from advanced materials testing of metallic structural materials through inverse analysis and can interface to different CAE/PLM systems.

The project is funded in Germany by Federal Ministry of Education and Research. In the Czech Republic is the project funded by Technology Agency of the Czech Republic:


Funding number BMBF: 02P17W500

Funding number BMBF: 02P17W500

Funding number TACR: TF06000075

Funding number TACR: TF06000075

Applicant and coordinator Matplus GmbH Wuppertal
Other applicants NORDMETALL GmbH Neukirchen
TU Chemnitz Professorship Virtual Production Engineering
University of Applied Sciences Mittweida Professorship Digital Product Development
COMTES FHT a.s. Dobřany

Project duration

01.05.2019 till 30.10.2021