Matplus Releases the new EDA 23

Fully integrate and utilise material data

Matplus EDA is designed to optimise the handling and analysis of material data from master data to laboratory data and practical application in Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). After more than one decade of intensive research and continuous development, Matplus has become widely recognised in the industry. With the release of EDA 23, Matplus reinforces its position as the leading provider of materials information systems.

EDA 23 expands its functionality in several areas to better meet the needs of research and industry:

  • The new version EDA 23 offers improved and extended reference databases for steel, aluminium, copper and plastics. These databases are an important basis for the development of in-house master data systems for materials that are crucial for research, development and application.
  • With the option of using workflows, even complex processes can be efficiently designed and automated in EDA 23 with BPMN2. Together with the new functionalities for project management, this creates an integrated working environment for materials engineers with the integration of sophisticated data from materials testing. In the new version, this also includes structural images and their measurement.
  • Advanced data analysis functions and visualisation tools make it possible to identify trends, create forecasts and simulate material properties under different conditions. Graphs and ontologies of process chains and material data can be visualised and evaluated. The optional integration of JMatPro® enables the analysis-based calculation of material properties.
  • Improved integration into CAE systems allows a seamless transfer of material data into simulation environments, which shortens the development cycle and increases the accuracy of CAE models.

Already recognised for its openness and flexibility, Matplus has further enhanced the scalability and extensibility of EDA 23. Unlimited expandability and a focus on FOSS (Free Open Source Software) components create a sustainable IT infrastructure without dependence on a system provider. The system can be operated either in the cloud or locally “on-premises”.

With the vision of fully integrating material data and making it usable, Matplus has significantly improved the core functions of EDA 23. “Our customers are increasingly facing the challenge of bringing together complex material data and using it consistently in development and manufacturing processes,” says Dr Uwe Diekmann, Managing Director of Matplus. “With EDA 23, we are setting standards for the seamless integration of material knowledge.”

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