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Materials Innovation

Materials Knowledge Management

EDA® is a flexible information system for materials data. It integrates data acquisition, modeling and knowledge management.

Calculation of Material Properties

JMatPro® is the unique and easy-to-use tool for generating material data for CAE simulations and optimizing products and processes.

Materials Engineering Services

Our Services provides materials consultancy that extends to the development and testing of new metallic structural materials for industrial applications.


Material data as a basis for sophisticated engineering


The primary source of statistically-based design allowable properties for metallic materials.

Creep Behavior - Online

As a result of a cooperation between HANSER Publishing and Matplus GmbH, creep data for metallic alloys are available online now.

StahlDat SX

StahlDat SX is the only authorized publication of the European Steel Register and a continuously growing knowledge base for steel on the Internet.

Aluselect Database

aluSELECT is a computer-based reference database containing technical information on the most widely used aluminum alloys.


Matglobe materials data is a joint offering from Matplus that aims to provide the best custom materials database solution.

Copper key Database

Comparison of worldwide standards, materials and designations of copper and copper alloys

AA | Teal Sheets

Internationale Legierungsbezeichnungen und chemische Zusammensetzung für Aluminium-Knetlegierungen

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