International Alloy Designations and Chemical Composition Limits for Wrought Aluminum and Wrought Aluminum Alloys


The list of alloy designations registered with the Aluminum Association and their approved limits of chemical compositions represents the worldwide de facto standard in the field of commercial designations of wrought aluminium alloys. The European alloy designations and their classification into alloy classes are homologated with this list. Matplus is a partner of the Aluminum Association and provides an EDA®-based online database with the information of this list. Access is free of charge after registration.

The EDA®-based system offers extensive search and analysis functions. Not only can the registered designations of wrought aluminium alloys and their chemical compositions be easily sorted and found - by means of clear tables and special search masks, alloys can be filtered according to desired proportions of individual or several chemical elements and the desired properties can be found. Interactive diagrams can be generated via graphical applications of the compositions - the desired alloy can thus also be called up intuitively via a click in the diagram.

Advantages for users

  • The data plotted in the comparison tables can be filtered, arranged and any correlations plotted in interactive graphs - from which, in turn, the linked data sets can be accessed with one click.
  • The density of the alloys is linked to the chemical composition and can thus be included in the analysis.
  • Extended information is available on the substances occurring in the respective alloy, such as physical properties and CAS number.
  • As in all EDA® databases, different units can be switched by the user.
  • The “Teal Sheets” can be used as a basis for setting up your own knowledge management system in your company or institute - just ask us!