Comparison of worldwide standards, materials and designations of copper and copper alloys

The copper key published by the Kupferverband e.V. offers you the possibility to compare worldwide common standards and materials or their designations. For this purpose, you can search in the full text, but also by material composition and by standard. Compared to the previous online tool, a significantly expanded database version of the copper key based on EDA® is available online. Access is free of charge after registration.

The EDA®-based system offers extended search and analysis functions. Not only can the international designations of the known alloys be found easily, extensive information on the chemical composition, typical mechanical and physical properties and product specifications of copper alloys is also available, which can be filtered and analysed in clear tables.

Advantages for users

  • The data plotted in the comparison tables can be filtered, arranged and any correlations plotted in interactive graphics - from which, in turn, the linked data sets can be accessed with one click.
  • All data sets are linked by bidirectional links - so it is easy and intuitive to switch between standards, designations and product forms.
  • As in all EDA® databases, different units can be switched by the user. The database is available in German and English.
  • The Copper Key can be used as a basis for setting up your own knowledge management system in your company or institute - just ask us!