Implementation of Service & Application technology


We help you in the introduction of tailored software systems for materials. This can include:

  • Analysis of existing data, e.g. databases, file systems and data from testing machines
  • Analysis of the process requirements, e.g. Material development, materials testing, CAD and CAE integrations
  • Analysis of system and user requirements, e.g. ERP integrations, certificate writing, software architectures
  • Development of concepts for a requirement-compliant data and knowledge management for materials
  • Concept and evaluation of solutions based on JMatPro and EDA
  • Planning and implementation of the solution coordinated and shared with the customer
  • Migration of legacy data to the new system landscape
  • Creating interfaces to the system landscape, e.g. Testing machines, ERP and CAE
  • Individual adjustments
  • Training for JMatPro and EDA


Development of customer-specific databases and knowledge bases for materials as well as interface to other systems: we deliver the right data in the right version at the right time to the right user. The diversity of information on the Internet is generally not a solution but a new problem.

We create the specific knowledge bases for use in large and small businesses, providing an overview that ultimately leads to increased user productivity.

A publicly available example of our work is the Stahldat-SX, which is being developed by VDEh as the leading European database for steel on behalf of the European Steel Registry.