Together with our selected partners we are a full service provider from ideas to final material solutions.

We help you with practical consulting and development projects in the field of metallic structural materials. We build on extensive practical industrial experience of our employees, especially in the steel sector. This is complemented by the use of our own simulation environments and knowledge bases (ICME Integrated Computational Materials Engineering).

We work efficient and goal oriented:

  • Melting in a vacuum induction furnace (50 kg – 500 kg, up to 10 t on request)
  • Forging slabs and billets
  • Hot and cold rolling of strip, pulling wire
  • Heat treatment (hardening, tempering, soft annealing, normalizing, etc.)
  • Metallography with light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy
  • Mechanical material testing, flow curves, fatigue, fracture mechanics at all temperatures and speeds
  • Thermophysical tests (CCT/TTTdiagrams, DSC, dilatometry, laserflash)