10th JMatPro-Conference

On May 23/24, 2022, we will organize the 10th JMatPro conference in Wuppertal in cooperation with Sente Software Ltd. Look forward with us to the presentation of the latest developments.

JMatPro®, thanks to the combination of solid and application-friendly thermodynamics (CalPhaD) with the calculation of material properties, offers unique possibilities for:

  • Calculation of temperature-dependent material properties for a wide range of engineering alloys.
  • development/optimization of materials/technologies and
  • Generation of material data for CAE/FEM calculations

During the events you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and make contacts with users, interested parties, developers and experts.

Invited are users of JMatPro but of course also everybody who is interested in material development and material data calculation. Detailed information about JMatPro can be found on Matplus .

Please contact us if you have any questions about this event or about JMatPro - we will be happy to help. More information on the event and the agenda can be found in the attached documents.

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