12th JMatPro®-Conference 2024

In 2024 Matplus GmbH is hosting the 12th JMatPro® User Conference in cooperation with Sente Software Ltd. for users and interested parties in Vienna.

The conference will start at noon on June 18. 2024 and end at noon on June 19. 2024. The venue for the conference will be the Hotel Schani in Vienna.

Calculating material data in industry and research

JMatPro® is the industry standard for the calculation of temperature-dependent material properties of metallic structural materials and is successfully used in research and education.

The JMatPro user conferences have been highly appreciated by users from many companies and research institutions for years. In May of this year, the 11th JMatPro user conference was held in cooperation with Sente Software - as an exchange of experience between users and product developers as well as for the presentation and discussion of new functionalities and models.

JMatPro® impresses with ease of use and performance

Material data are indispensable for the design of products and the optimization of processes. With JMatPro, data for practice-relevant alloys can be calculated very easily and then made available as a so-called material card for FEM simulation. The calculations are based on solid material science models, such as CalPhaD.

Especially the simulation of the processes casting, forming, heat treatment and welding require consistent material information. A variety of CAE systems are supported, e.g. Magmasoft, Simufact, Deform, Forge, Qform, Sysweld, LS-Dyna, Abaqus, Comsol.

The exchange of practical application experiences among each other and with product developers also proved its worth at the 11th User Conference 2023 in Wuppertal. A special focus was on steel, with highly interesting user presentations from Deutsche Edelstahlwerke, Thyssenkrupp and voestalpine, which were complemented by presentations from product developers

The goals of the events are:

  • Exchange of experience with other users
  • Getting to know different application areas
  • Direct discussions and technical exchange with developers
  • Involvement of users in the prioritization of new functionalities
  • Presentation/preview of new software functions

The 2024 user conference is currently being prepared - we expect interesting contributions from practical application and research. You can find the current agenda in the linked document down below.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the event and/or JMatPro® - we are at your disposal!

Detailed information about JMatPro® can be found here.

Immediately following the conference, the 3rd EDA® User Conference will be held June 19. - 21. 2024. EDA is the leading integration environment for material and process related data and knowledge - from master data management to material testing and simulation. With respect to JMatPro, EDA enables the control and evaluation of extensive alloy variations as well as the merging of data from materials testing and other systems, such as Matcalc.

More information about the 3rd EDA® User Conference can be found here.

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